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I’ve recently published my first novel, Scotched . As many of you who have done likewise will appreciate, I’m near to melt-down too!

There’ve been those lonely, enriching, exhausting, single-minded, despairing, satisfying experiences of writing. The blocks, the constant dread I’ve written rubbish, the changes, the proofing, the editing, more changes, more editing. And that was the easy part! Would I do it again? Yes, definitely. I’ve been writing for decades. I didn’t notice at the time but all those notebooks and computer files speak of the daily necessity of writing. Only, write a novel? Nah! I’m not a novelist. It’s only novelists who write novels. Except, of course, I am a novelist now.

The writing more or less out of the way, I could spend anything from £600 to £10,000 for a company to make it look lovely on Kindle or print on demand. Well, I could if I had that sort of money. But I don’t so I had to delve into the best ways to publish a book on the cheap, and that’s largely what this site is about. I hope we can share our publishing experiences. If you’re new to all this check out this post and this one as examples of people who’ve helped me.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, of course. I’ll be putting stuff on the site that interests me, themes and subjects that may creep into and haunt a future novel.

What fun to be learning how to make a website too!


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