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Here we go!

Right then, new blog. This one is the ‘author’ website which is supposedly vital these days if you want people to read your books. It will be some time before I say anything authorial as I have some way to go with my first novel. It’s finished. Kind of. Now I’m going through the deserts of proofing and editing. When all’s done, including blurb, cover, purchase of ISBNs etc., the manuscript will be uploaded to Pressbooks for formating. Pressbooks runs on a WordPress platform, and offers a range of format themes. It formats to your wishes then you can download different file formats (.mobi, pdf etc) to send to your chosen service.

That chosen service for me is – wait for it! – Amazon KDP for print and EBook versions. If I were an ethical consumer, of course, I wouldn’t go near Amazon. But I’m not.

A few months after the world stops in some sort of aesthetic fever, I’ll also be going via IngramSpark if it looks like people are reading the novel. Ingram Spark has the best distribution service.

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