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Jim Carruth: rural poet of Renfrewshire

I have recently been gifted an anthology of poems by Jim Carruth: rural poet of Renfrewshire

Completely new to me despite his apparent fame and high regard. It is a lovely gift which introduces a new poet. In this case, I immediately loved Black Cart This is an unsentimental homage to to farming life of Renfrewshire: families, tragedies, bleakness, brutality, harshness, beauty and love.

The body, mind and earth are melded in vibrant images and metaphors which blend sinews, worn bodily creases, age and physical suffering, earth’s canvas of furrow and stone. A hard humour too.

To connect with a poet immediately is to have a gift for life.

The poems stirred me to retrieve the writing of that other great creator of hymns to land and people, George Mackay Brown

And it is impossible not to think of R.S.Thomas.

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