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Maczon Press: publishing imprint

With the launch of my first book days away, we’ve also started a site for our publishing imprint, MacZon Press

‘We’ are me and my de facto agent, Martin Paterson, who’s worked every bit as hard as I have to see the book published. While I have been writing away, Martin’s been very busy looking for reviewsandtaking care of promotion. At the same time he’s been a shoulder to cry on, and given me many kicks up the backside to counter my inherent procrastination (a dire condition common to many writers).

You don’t need a publishing imprint but there are many advantages. Being your own publisher doesn’t mean you have to set up as a company or register the name with tax authorities as a sole trader. Just make sure your name is unique (by internet search).

In our case, MacZon Press is a project of an enterprise we have been running for two years, The Machine Zone.

This topic is just one of the many things to consider before publishing your Indie book. There are many more I’ll cover. After publication of Scotched on November 5, I’ll write a long post covering some of these topics on the journey to publication. I’ll also do shorter posts detailing individual topics.


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