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My New Camera: the Best!

I have many writing works in progress which I will be publishing, without marketing or hoping for many readers. I’ll be writing shortly about this.

But as one of these projects involves photography I have made a further increase in my debt by splashing out on a Sony RX100 Mark 3. It’s a gem, is highly recommended everywhere, including by professionals. Originally introduced at £800 in 2014, as is the case with all electronic and photo goods, the price keeps dropping as manufacturers bring out new versions by the year. Th original Mark 1 is available for £300 and this Mark 3 can be had for around £450 (unless you want to splash out £750 for the Mark 6!).

I needed a replaceent for my Nikon Coolpix which costs around £60 (and if you want the best cheap, simple point and shoot you can’t do better

This new camera of mine has:

  • a ‘very fast’ lens. At f1.8 it is good for low light conditions.
  • an extremely advanced sensor for a camera in this class which makes for sensitivity and reduces noise.
  • a VIEWFINDER! I don’t like having to use the screen on the back of a camera. This has a very high resolution viewfinder.
  • a very wide 24 equivalent lens.
  • The screen, though is very bright and hinged through 180 degrees for shooting from many angles.
  • a flash unit that tilts so that you can bounce flash from ceilings for a softer image.
  • inbuilyneutral density filter for those difficult lighting conditions.
  • fully manual if you wish, aperture/shutter priority etc.
  • large range of customised settings.
  • function control on lens barrel

I bought it for £449 which came with a case and a very useful grip to attach.

It’s small and neat, and carry anywhere. I do have a big, heavy DSLR ith three lenses but while this will deliver better options, I’m wondering whether I should sell since the difference in quaityof images is negligible.

The camera dispenses with those 40x superzoom cameras you can get much cheaper, and only has about 3x zoom, but those big zoom cameras are OK (although the more you zoom the more the image deteriorates), like cameras offering large sensor profiles are often disgising essential weakesses. The lens is paramount,  and the Zeiss on the Sony is excellent.

It will make me a better photographer out and about in the ordinary world, the unobserved, th streets, the forgotten…. And it will make me a better writer.

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