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On becoming a Publisher

OK. You’ve written the book but who’s the publisher? If you go through Amazon KDP or IngramSpark, they will appear as the publisher. They’ll give you a FREE ISBN (International Standard Book Number) which will save you a lot of money. Nothing wrong with doing that. Buying a single ISBN in the UK will set you back £89. You purchase one from Nielson .

So why on earth would you spend that if you can have it for free? Especially as legally you don’t even need an ISBN.

Well, think about setting up your own publishing imprint. It doesn’t have to be a legal entity such as a limited company. My own imprint is Maczon Press (Maczon, by the way is a Scottish surname but also refers to an organisation I help run called The Machine Zone). Provided you check (using Google) that nobody has the same name as a publisher you can call your imprint whatever you like.

Now, although one ISBN costs nearly £90 you can buy ten for £159. Each ISBN will be linked to your publishing imprint each time you publish a book.

I think having ‘published by Maczon Press’ looks better than ‘published by Kindle/IngramSpark’ but it’s a matter of opinion. If you’re approaching writing and publishing with a business frame of mind, it seems to me sensible to have a brand name. You can, of course, use the imprint name to start a company (but with Maczon that would be a problem as there’s a Chinese engineering company already registered with that name.)

There are only me and friend Martin behind both Maczon and The Machine Zone. But, for instance, as we are both engaged with community work, we could work towards Maczon becoming a ‘community publisher’ or similar.

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