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Review : Elli


Elli is the story of a young girl’s coming of age during the Holocaust. Livia E. Bitton Jackson’s account of her experiences in 1944 onwards as the Nazis continued their rounding up of Hungarian Jews, people who would suffer at first growing restrictions and then to the ‘final solution’ at Auschwitz.

I frequently read about the Holocaust, not because I am interested in the Nazis but because I am interested in human beings. I believe it is vital to always keep in mind how a highly civilised people like the Germans could stoop, as we are all capable of in certain circumstances, to the depths of barbarity and cruelty.

This is among the best biographies I have read. It contains some truly horrifying examples of brutality by people who in other worlds would be considered ordinary.

Yet it is the writing quality as well as the witness which commends the book. It is the work of a very gifted writer and a very brave girl.

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