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Review: The Flame by Leonard Cohen 2018


I’ve just received this great book. The Flame is the book Leonard Cohen was working on right to his death on 7 November 2016. It is a collection of 63 poems he selected as ‘complete’ (Part 1), poems which became songs (Part 2) and  material collected by the editors after his death (Part 3). It also includes Cohen’s acceptance address for the Prince of Asturias Award. Poignantly, also included is his last email, 24 hours before his death.

Throughout the pages, at his own wish, are drawings by Leonard Cohen.

The introduction by his son, Adam, is brief at two pages but gives intense insights into his father; the same is true of the equally brief remarks by the book’s editors.

It’s beautifully produced by Canongate and a must for any Leonard Cohen fan.

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